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Posted by Aonghus Cody

2020 – the gift that keeps on giving..

18 Dec 2020

Hard to say anything salient that hasn’t already been said.

Probably the strangest year in living memory. Strange isn’t all bad though.

As we wind up for Christmas I reflected on the year that’s been and the recurring themes (in no particular order);

  • Brexit/Trump
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Kobe
  • Washing everything purchased (March – May only!)
  • No Wimbledon
  • Remote working
  • Travel (lack thereof)
  • Maradona
  • Sean Connery
  • Explaining Zoom to my Dad (daily)

I don’t need to discuss any of the above in depth or the pandemic that is ongoing. I think in any year one of the above events would be a sizable event, for all the above to occur in one year is absurd.

Regardless we have come to the end of said year, intact. Ready to roll forward. As many people noted if you can survive the last 9 months you can survive anything.

Some friends tell me “it’s been a dreadful year – everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.”

Ill be the first to admit I am liable to be cynical which means I am not exactly the most positive person. However, the last 9 months locked down/locked up whatever you wish to call it has been a wonderful experience. In Darwin Hawkins we’ve learnt how to work remote, how to hire and onboard remote, how to adapt and thrive. Sure, it’s been a dreadful year in some ways but it has been a learning opportunity like no other.

The relationships harvested throughout 2020 will always stand out. Whether that is the first call with a candidate whose dreams to travel have been crushed or the client who is up the walls and just need a chat. Candidates come into your life and stay for a brief period before moving on to new pastures. Some stay longer than others. Most became friends and whilst delighted to help them take the next steps in their career I begrudgingly missed the chat we would have as we plotted their next move. It sounds paternal I guess it is a bit, as I have been in their shoes before.

I always thought relationships had to built in person, how wrong I was – welcome to 2020 Aonghus!

On closing thoughts, I have really enjoyed 2020 and I hope you have too.

I would like to say a particular thanks to the candidates and clients. From my side it’s always brilliant when we can help, I know not everyone can be placed through us but that doesn’t mean we can’t be of help. It goes without saying that our clients have allowed us to do what we do best in a testing market. Without that trust, this reflection would be very different.

So here’s hoping to a safe and healthy Christmas period, and beyond.

We will see you in 2021!!

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