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Posted by Aonghus Cody

A Good Year

6 Sep 2020

6 months ago I sat down to type a blog in my suit, a small bit drained after a day of meetings but enthused none the less about the opportunity to gather my thoughts and make some meaning of the first 6 months in Darwin Hawkins.

6 months later I am sitting down in a pair of shorts in my home house,  quite relaxed after a busy day on the phones ready to reflect on a more interesting second 6 months and year as a whole.

Previously, I felt I had learned a significant amount about recruitment – the highs and lows, the battles to be won or lost, the different skills and nuances required for one to succeed.


Now the world is different.

We are different. We do not sit inside the four walls of our office. We aren’t dressed in suits meeting candidates and clients alike. Now we are sitting in the comfort and safety of our homes.

Now we have a Microsoft Teams meeting at 10am. Now I wear shorts and some form of sports top.

Now I see my parents daily and have to ask them not to burst in to ask I.T questions when I am on the phone.


Life – it changes I guess and if we don’t adapt to it, we get left behind.


A year ago I joined Darwin Hawkins raring to go, ready to conquer the world, expecting clients and candidates alike to flock to me as if I was the answer to all their prayers!!

In the last year I have had an opportunity to work with people who are passionate about what they do and who they work with. I think it was hard to fathom how much of a challenge the role would be.

  • Yes, there were lots of mistakes – people are human after all. But every mistake was an opportunity to learn.
  • Yes, some candidates quoted metaphors I gave them verbatim in interview – we learn from these things sometimes saying less is more.
  • Yes, we can chat about all matters of things from Mayo football to Trump but Normal People was a bridge too far!!! – we want to know our candidates and ensure our clients are the best fit.

What became apparent to me in the past 6 months is nothing matters more than our values at Darwin Hawkins. That starts from the top and works its way down.


Disclaimer: We can’t place every candidate or fill every job so I won’t pretend we do but we do try to add as much value as we can.

But our values they’re what’s important.

We’re invested in client and candidate alike. We will work effortlessly for them in their need to add quality people to their teams and compliment with advice on salary levels/benchmarking and what is happening in the market..


Recruitment is real life, it’s people’s careers. With everything that’s gone on with COVID it seems more real now than it was a year ago.


I joined Niall and Mark a year ago and sat in awe as they worked the phones, remembered names and managed to keep all the balls in the air.  David returned to a role in finance and Ronan has  joined since slotting in seamlessly……. we adapt and embrace.

Time and some of the people have changed but the end goal has not.


Without going on too long I do want to say thanks to anyone who has been part of the journey with me and especially to our clients and candidates who continue to put their trust in me.


Changing career is never easy, but nothing good ever is!!!


Stay safe..

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