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Posted By Ciara Hennigan

Addressing the Challenges in Hiring Finance Professionals

12 Jun 2024

Hiring finance professionals has always been a critical task for companies, given the pivotal role these experts play in managing financial health and guiding strategic decisions. Recently, we conducted a poll among hiring managers to identify the biggest challenges they face in this domain. Here are the key findings from the poll:

  1. Retaining Talent (50%)
  2. Finding Qualified Candidates (27%)
  3. Offering Competitive Salaries (18%)
  4. Understanding Market Trends (5%)

Based on the above insights, this blog will explore each challenge and provide actionable advice to overcome these hurdles.

1. Retaining Talent (50%)

This is the most significant challenge, with half of the participants highlighting this issue.

  • Career Development Opportunities: Create clear career paths and development programs to help employees see long-term growth within your company.
  • Employee Engagement: Foster a positive workplace culture through regular feedback, recognition programs, and team-building activities.
  • Work-Life Balance: Offer flexible working arrangements, such as remote work options and flexible hours, to improve employee satisfaction and retention.
2. Finding Qualified Candidates (27%)

Nearly a third of hiring manager participating in the poll found it difficult to locate candidates with the right qualifications and skills.

  • Expand Your Search: Leverage multiple platforms and networks, include a trusted recruitment partner and encourage staff to share job advertisements on LinkedIn.
  • Invest in Training Programs: For junior roles, develop partnerships with educational institutions and offer internship programs to highlight potential candidates.
3. Offering Competitive Salaries (18%)

Offering competitive salaries is a significant challenge for 17% of companies.

  • Conduct Salary Benchmarking: Regularly benchmark salaries against industry standards to ensure your offers are competitive. Try to avoid publicly published, generic salary benchmarking reports. A trusted recruitment partner should be able to provide specific guidance on particular roles.
  • Highlight Total Compensation: Emphasize the total compensation package, including benefits, bonuses, and other perks, not just the base salary.
  • Flexible Compensation Structures: Consider offering flexible compensation options such as performance-based incentives and stock options.
4. Understanding Market Trends (5%)

Only a small percentage of participants found it challenging to keep up with market trends, however it remains a crucial aspect of strategic hiring.

  • Continuous Learning: Encourage your HR and hiring teams to stay updated with the latest industry trends through workshops, webinars, and professional courses.
  • Market Analysis: Regularly conduct market analysis to understand the evolving demands and adjust your hiring strategies accordingly.
  • Network with Industry Experts: Engage with industry experts and participate in finance forums and conferences to gain insights into market developments.

Hiring and retaining finance professionals is a multifaceted challenge that requires a strategic approach. By understanding the common obstacles and implementing targeted solutions, your company can attract and retain top talent, ensuring financial stability and growth. A proactive and well-rounded strategy is key to overcoming these hiring challenges.

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