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Posted By Lisa Tully

Considering a new role? Not sure where to start?

6 Jun 2022

Considering a new role? Not sure where to start?

Take out a notepad and start writing…..think about the following 8 questions to ask yourself as a starting point;

  • How do you work best? What does this environment look like?
  • Who has previously brought out the best in you? If so, how?
  • What type of work motivates you? If so, what was it specifically that motivated you or got you excited?
  • If you don’t have an answer to the above, not everyone does, then think about what work you have enjoyed doing and also what you have not enjoyed doing, it will generate ideas. These activities will link to transferable skills and further idea generation.
  • What other activities do you enjoy doing the most? Are any of your best attributes transferable to a work environment?
  • Is location important? If so, where?
  • What salary and benefits are non-negotiable for you? Write these down.
  • How do you value your spare time and how much of this you have? How will you let this impact your work, career, family? Are there compromises you are willing to make?

When you’re finished, consider rating what’s most important to you from the list above and any other responses you come up with.

Six months ago I found myself at a career crossroads trying to discover the best path to take. I found this process integral to my eventual decision to move into Recruitment.

By thinking and writing about these questions as a starting point, you will have a blueprint of what your ideal working environment will look like. It may not give you an answer on your ideal role if you’re in an unsure space, however it should help you in finding your way. This piece of paper can be added to, scratched out, doodled on, but it can be something you can return to as you progress in your job search and as ideas come to you.

What makes this exercise stand out to me is that it was written cold when you had no offer on the table or a potential shiny new salary. It was written when your mind and thoughts were clear, this list is what you are striving for even if you don’t know what IT is.

For me it then becomes most useful when an offer is on the table. You can pull out your notepad and see does this potential new opportunity stack up against your original thoughts, needs and wants. Having this to hand gives you a better chance of making the best decision for you. We are not striving for perfection here, but I think you can get extremely close to it.

I am 3 months into a brand new career and I know having done the exercise above I’m where I’m supposed to be.

So what are you waiting for….get that notepad out!


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