As a newly qualified accountant, it’s important to get your CV right. Luckily our consultants are experts in the area and are happy to assist you in your CV preparation. Feel free to submit your first draft CVto and one of our specialist consultants will be in touch.

Here are some useful tips on how a newly qualified accountant should prepare an excellent CV:

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CV do’s:

  • Keep it simple and structured
  • Make sure your address and contact details are updated
  • Use a commonly used formal font like Arial or Calibri
  • Keep the text size and colour consistent – size 10/11 and black
  • Use bullet points and keep them consistent
  • Include your LinkedIn profile link
  • Ensure your spelling and grammar is correct
  • Make sure your most recent job contains the most details
  • Make sure it stands out by adding in something in your experience that will differentiate you from your peers
  • Include dates you may have spent traveling – explains gaps

CV don’ts

  • Don’t copy a friend’s CV – you want to stand out
  • Don’t overdo the summary personal profile. You are still early on in your career
  • Don’t spend too much time on any irrelevant prior experience
  • Don’t overdo it on the ‘Interests’ section. 3-5 points/lines are sufficient
  • Don’t make it too long. A Newly Qualified Accountant CV should be no longer than 2 pages
  • Don’t leave out any relevant extra skills or experience you have built up
  • Avoid large or elaborate fonts
  • Don’t add a photograph
  • Don’t leave out any roles or unexplained gaps
  • Don’t solely rely on spell check, make sure to proofread

CV structure

Personal details

  • Name, address, mobile number, email address, and LinkedIn profile
  • Summary profile (optional) – if using this try to only include information that is factual

Education and qualifications

  • Start with most recent: including dates, institution, qualification type, and final results
  • Remember to include the first time passes in your final professional exams if you achieve this

Professional experience

  • Start with most recent: including the company name, commencement, and completion dates, department and your position title
  • Outline in bullet point format the main responsibilities of each role
  • Include any specialist experience
  • Include the name, industry, and size (assets) of your top 3-5 clients


  • Include all technical proficiencies such as excel, powerpoint, and computer systems

Personal interests and achievements

  • Highlight 3-5 interests and achievements that showcase some of your personal strengths and values


  • Available on request –  there is no requirement to provide individual details at this point