Newly Qualified: Passed your driving test and think you are ready for Formula 1?

It seems that every newly qualified accountant coming out of their training contract is looking for the elusive  ‘Commercial role in industry’. I am not looking to shatter peoples dreams and there are the lucky few that can and will make the transition but is it realistic that everyone is ready straight away? While this is a good aspiration to have, you need to prepare yourself properly if you want to make it a reality. 90% of people will not have asked themselves the difficult questions that need to be asked. Firstly, do you really believe after completing a 3 or 3.5 years and passing your exams that you are ready to add value to a company in a commercial role? Is it similar to saying, I have passed my driving test and now I want to be a formula 1 driver? Here are 10 questions to ask yourself and remember a lot of them will be asked at interview for a commercial role:

  1. What does a commercial role entail?
  2. Do you think you are suited to it and why do you want to do it?
  3. Given your experience to date, what differentiates you from the other applicants and what is your value-add to a company in this capacity?
  4. Would a person coming from a financial accountant/group accountant be better suited?
  5. Can you elaborate on what you will bring to the role and provide detailed examples?
  6. What profit generating projects have you been involved in?
  7. Where did you identify business generating opportunities in any company you have worked in to date?
  8. How can you help add growth to a company?
  9. Have you dealt with different areas of the business such as marketing, sales, product development and customer service to drive business growth and market share?
  10. Can you demonstrate your commercial awareness with examples?

If you are struggling to answer the above questions it is not all doom and gloom and you are banished to a career in external audit, internal audit or more mainstream finance. You absolutely can make the move but you need to think and prepare yourself. Remember the old saying, “good things come to those who wait”.

We can help and would be delighted to assist you with addressing the above questions to make the dream a reality.

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