Qualified Accountants – Are you happy?

If you are reading this, there is a reason for it.

  • Are you happy in your current role?
  • Do you feel valued by your employer?
  • Have you reached your career goals for the year?
  • Did you get the promotion or salary increase you were promised?
  • Is there a career that you would perform better in?

It could be one or more of the above, or it could be a completely different reason that only you will know.

What should you do next?

As the Co-owner of a recruitment company, I should probably tell you to send me your CV. However, I believe we would be missing a step. The first step is for you to stop, take out a pen and paper and try to answer the following questions:

  • What changes are needed to make you happy or happier?
  • What would make you feel valued or more valued?
  • What were your goals at the start of the year? Did you have any? Have you got any goals for 2019?
  • Why didn’t you get the promotion or salary increase? Was it a company problem or a personal problem?
  • What motivates you?
  • What are your core values?
  • Do you know what your “dream job” is?”. Is it achievable? Where are you on your journey to achieving it?

Seven Step Saviour!!

If you are planning to move job then do it for the right reasons. Try not to wait too long to move. Do not let the driving motivator become “getting out” of your current role. This is a recipe for disaster as you are not making a measured positive decision but reacting to a negative circumstance.

When I meet people professionally, I tell them to think about 7 things:

1. Do what you want with your career. It is your career and your future, so if you are unhappy doing what you are doing then make changes. It is your choice.

2. Trust your gut instinct on what your career choice is. This also applies to when you interview. Can you see yourself working there? Do you like your potential boss? Your gut is right so if it doesn’t feel right, you will be happier you turned it down in the long run.

3. Is your new boss a mentor? We all need mentorship, as this is how we grow and develop. Make sure to seek out a mentor in your next role.

4. Company – Do you like the company? Do you respect what they do? Are your morals aligned? Do you like the culture? Would you be proud to work there?

5. Role – Will you learn a new set of skills? Is it helping you on the path to your dream job or career goal?

6. Salary/Compensation. If you are taking a job based on money, from experience you will regret it. Money doesn’t buy you happiness. Money finds people who are thought leaders and passionate about what they do.

7. Location of the role – If you have gotten this far in deciding on your next role and you are able to answer the above points, then location will not be an issue.


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