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LinkedIn Advice

When looking for a new job you should think of yourself as a brand. How are you presenting yourself in the market? In this digital age, your job prospects start from before you even click ‘apply’. You need to be best placed to showcase yourself, your experience, and your achievements. This starts with your LinkedIn profile.

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CV Advice

Your CV is critical to get right. Ensuring it accurately reflects who you are and what you’ve achieved can be tricky to convey in just a few pages. Luckily our consultants are experts in this area and understand exactly what employers look for in a CV. Our team is happy to assist you in your CV preparation.

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CV Templates

Preparing or updating your CV can be a daunting task. Although we can’t provide you with a perfect CV, we can offer you encouragement and provide some assistance. Take a look at the example tried and tested CV templates we’ve put together to help get you started.

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Interview Advice

Preparing to perform in an interview can be cause for concern to some, whilst others thrive in the spotlight. Different positions determine different interview processes. After extensive research, we have carefully compiled the most important factors to consider when entering any interview situation.

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Video Interview Guide

When preparing for a Microsoft Teams/ Zoom/ Google Hangouts interview it is critical that you are prepared for the format and etiquette of a video interview. Adhering to the following checklist will ensure that you are in position to put your best foot forward at interview.

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