You Win or You Learn

I’ve learned over the years that when I have time on my hands to do a certain task, I often go off on a tangent and end up with a different result than I’d originally planned! While sitting down with Mark, to put together the video we posted last week, my brain as per usual started working on something else. This is the result.

Darwin Hawkins is 1 year in business and over this year I’ve learned a few things:

  • Everyday is a School day – there has not been one day since opening the business that I haven’t learnt something about myself, learnt something about somebody close to me, or about the life of running your own business. The trick to it is to not force things and let things happen naturally. If the hard work is being put in, the score will take care of itself.
  • Work Smart – only you know how to get the best out of yourself. Working long hours is sometimes essential but if you work smart and are efficient with your time – it is a lot more effective.
  • Congratulations for what? –The amount of people that congratulated us for opening our business at the start was appreciated but hard to accept. In our eyes nothing had been achieved. But now that I have time to think about it, I do understand. A lot of people have a vision to work for themselves but for different reasons, the stars sometimes just don’t align to allow people to follow their dreams. I now appreciate that the interest and support we received from lots of people comes from a place of respect and genuine curiosity as to what it is like to take the leap! (Its not easy by the way…but worth it!).
  • Patience is a Virtue – its an old saying and I cannot remember how many times I was told this throughout the last year. One year on I fully accept these words of wisdom as truth, no matter how hard I’ve attempted to challenge it! People who start their own businesses tend to want things done quickly, but in hindsight to do something right and to enable sustainable growth, you need to take your time.
  • People will always surprise you – there are people who will help you on your journey, and there are people who will not. And that is something you have to accept. The kindness of people and how certain people go out of their way to help you to get things started and offer you opportunities, is truly amazing. I am grateful to and humbled by all the people that supported us at the start, and continue to support us to this day.
  • You Win or You Learn – the knocks you take when you run your own business are a lot harder than when you work for somebody else. The reason simply being that you take the knocks personally. As Mark likes to remind me, its not about how many knocks you can take but how many times you can dust yourself off, continue doing what you believe in, with a smile on your face, and keep moving forward. The birth of “You win or You Learn”.
  • Clear Minds, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose – having clear vision is critical to building a brand that people believe in. Stick to your ethics and morals when people are watching, and more importantly when people aren’t watching. This may sound easy, but if you are like us you will come across situations when you can make a quick win or cut corners. But stay rooted to what you stand for and believe in. If you are true to your own core values and how you want your company and brand to be represented, you learn that in the long run it pays off.

To everybody that has offered words of wisdom, congratulated us (the weird face may now make sense!!), shared or liked posts, worked with as candidates and clients; Mark and I cannot thank you enough.


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