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A Good Year

6 months ago I sat down to type a blog in my suit, a small bit drained after a day of meetings but enthused none the less about the opportunity to gather my thoughts and…

6 Sep 2020
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Face the Change

These are incredibly strange times that we are living in. In almost every which way that you can think of them. We are uncertain about almost everything.

23 Apr 2020
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The New Norm

What interesting times we live in. A month ago Ireland entered a Lock-In/Lock down in an attempt to quell the spread of COVID19.

15 Apr 2020
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Working Remotely, Onboarding & Overcoming Obstacles

I guess here we are.

25 Mar 2020
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6 Months in Recruitment - 6 Thoughts

Reflecting on my first 6 months in recruitment I have seen so much change from Day 1 to Day 110 approx.

10 Feb 2020
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You Win or You Learn

I’ve learned over the years that when I have time on my hands to do a certain task, I often go off on a tangent and end up with a different result than I’d originally…

20 Dec 2019
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