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Darwin Hawkins is now hiring!

Passion, creativity, ideas, emotional inteligence, a desire to help others, a competitive nature but a strong moral compass, attention to detail (you will have noticed I left out an ‘l’ in intelligence), an understanding of…

25 Aug 2019
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Career Evolution - Darwin Hawkins Launch Event 24th April 2019

‘Career Evolution’ is the official launch event of Darwin Hawkins. It takes place at 6. 30pm on 24th April at The Westin Hotel, Dublin 2.

30 Mar 2019
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Newly Qualified: Passed your driving test and think you're ready for Formula 1?

It seems that every newly qualified accountant coming out of their training contract is looking for the elusive  ‘Commercial role in industry’.

18 Jan 2019
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Qualified Accountants - Are you happy?

If you are reading this, there is a reason for it.

10 Jan 2019
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Darwin Hawkins' partnership with James Caan CBE

We recently publicly announced our partnership with James Caan CBE. James is one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs.

16 Dec 2018
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How long is a piece of string?

…. the only solution is to measure (and pursue) it. A thriving career has a different meaning for every individual, as everyone is motivated by different factors, which change and evolve throughout their career.

7 Nov 2018
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